Thursday, June 29, 2017

haunted house

It was the middle of the the night at 1.00 am 
.Reghan,Nicholas,Harrison were standing outside a haunted house "we will give you five bucks if you go inside", said Nicholas of the haunted house oh i think we have a chicken  Bedrock! ,said Reghan "I am not a chicken "I said. "Well then go inside "said Reghan "yeah" said Nicholas .I go and open the gate i see bats and a dead skeleton i walk up the steps i open the door I saw a big centipede and magnets.I punch my fist into the wall I grab a wooden plank .All of  the lights turned on i hear a voice "I'v bean expecting you", said a voice  i swing my wooden piece and he clicks his fingers I disappear "Hey".i said."you are an intruder "he said .These words that did not make sense then he gathered them into his brain and transformed into a monster that had red skin a soul for an eye ,and wings I screamed "AAAAAAAHHHHH" I ran into the living room and hide behind the couch he  could smell me but he could not hear me I was freaking out, until ....I found the lost and found box I  found a woolly jacket  i pop and he said "have you seen a boy " he said "No no " i said "well can you step hear " he said .so I did then a feel down and broke my  ankles then venomous snakes filed up and all them bit me then i got smashed by a big piece of wood  smashed on me next day Reghan and Nicholas never found e at school The next day

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Haunted House

My Haunted House Story
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Once upon a time there were two boys. There names were Anthony and Cullen. They were best of friends. One  day Cullen dared Anthony to go to the haunted house and retrieve something for him. Late at night Anthony set foot out the door of his house. He was anxious. Anthony grabbed his filthy bike and rode it to the ancient haunted house. Anthony got off his bike and knocked on the door… It opened Anthony screamed silently. He started tip toeing in; the wooden floor “creeecked”. Anthony crept up the creaking stairs, until he heard the bottom one creak. Anthony turned around slowly. “Aaaaaaahhh slender man!” screamed Anthony. The next day Cullen waited for Anthony. Anthony never showed up to school again.

By Anthony

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

5 Senses Poem

       Shooting a 22 Gun

       Bullets hitting the target.

       Bullet shells plopping on the ground.

       Smoke from burning hot bullets.

       Hot smoking bullets fresh from the gun.

       Fresh air flowing in to my mouth.
       Shooting a 22 Gun
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

what I want to get out of camp

What  want to get out of camp is assailing because I am scared of heights.
What I am looking forward is air rifle shooting and archery because I do it at my friend farm.
What I am going to challenge myself in is caving because I like slipping on rocks and climbing

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Anthonys tabloid sports reflction

On Monday the whole school had tabloid sports. My favourite part was the sack race because we got to race each other and have practise rounds. When we had how body's warm then we went into the real races. Since Monday was my lucky day I won every single race I even got to be a house captain.

My other favourite part was the parachute because we got to go under the parachute. Then we got to put balls on the parachute. After that we got to play cat and mouse the cat go's on the parachute and the mouse's go under the parachute. It was an awesome day for me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Anthony's reflection of week one

What I found challenging for me was the spelling task room 15 is doing because there is 19 lists and we have only have done 5 out of 19.

What was enjoying for me was the art because we can blend pastels together and using glitter and and a lot of creativity. 

What I'm looking forward to is swimming sports because I won't always be coming last like last year.   

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Swim safe experience

What I enjoyed at Swim safe was going in the deep diving pool. What was challenging for me was learning breast stroke because that's a hard stroke.The bad thing for me was getting water in my ears especially when I was doing a hand stand.